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Geotechnical Testing 

Geotechnical studies for site plan approval as required by local building codes and requested by structural and architectural professionals can be provided.

Construction inspections of excavations, foundations, materials, backfill and stormwater facilities can provided.
Test Borings Drill Rig and Manual Augers
specializing in limited access sites.

Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

Site Evaluation

Soil and site evaluations for residential and commercial waste water treatment systems must be performed in the Commonwealth of Virginia for construction in non-sewered areas. Certification letters, construction permits and general approval documents  are required.

Conventional and alternative "septic" systems can be utilized.  Records research, sanitary surveys and site planning are an integral part of the  process.

Services by licensed Onsite Soil Evaluator and Certified Professional Soil Scientist can be provided to perform all aspects of this process.

System Designs

System designs by a licensed onsite evaluator or professional engineer can be provided.

Operation, Maintenence and Inspections

Alternative system inspections, operation and maintenance can be  provided by licensed professionals.                  

Soil Mapping                      

NRCS soil maps are used as a planning tool for engineering and 
environmental uses in many jurisdictions.  Soil mapping confirmation and site specific analysis according to local code requirements can be prepared according to the standards of the National Cooperative Soil Survey. 
Published soil maps are not site specific and detailed site evaluations are always recommended when restrictive subsurface features are anticipated.

Class IVB Certification

Preliminary Soil Reviews

Site Specific Soil Studies

Testing for Storm Water Management   
Site studies including test borings and infiltration tests are required by several jurisdictions to evaluate sites for a storm water management facility. Systems include infiltration trenches, rain gardens or porous pavement or detention systems.
The site evaluation includes a soil profile ( test boring) to determine depth to a limiting feature such as water table or rock. Infiltration tests are conducted to determine design factors. Laboratory particle size analysis and report are provided.         

Laboratory Tests for Soil Index Properties   
Expansive soils                   
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